Wanna Dog?

 Do you wanna cute cuddly playful puppy Then go to http://www.trimmerschihuahuas.com/index.html. We got candy from her (the picture to the left). She is the best breeder from New Yersey. If you dont want a puppy or is not alowed to just please go to her website. She has the cutiest pictures of the puppies.

 When  you think Chihuahua do you think mean? Well if you do  the next sentence is for you.
Scientist have figured out that the   Short hair Chihuahuas are built diferently then the long Hair Chihuahua so the short hair Chihuauas are built meaner. The long hair Chihuahuas are built more like Papallions.
We got my grandma a  Chihuahua Her name is Candy she is the cutiest thing in the world.

Then down below is a picture of one of my dogs Chad.